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Xian Alley Youth Hostel Xi'an is located in the tower, with hui street, bustling, but avoid the busy and noisy in big cities, but possesses a quiet with flavor, slower pace of life here allows you to slow down and experience another life, forget trouble; Surrounding with 14 mosque, spare time listen to masters the feeling of life will also benefit, elegant environment, complete facilities. Hostel near the bell tower, drum tower, hui street, city wall.;---[View Detail]             

住客评论 217条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • e02227388
    This hotel really can't say much, facilities are not all even mouthwash, combs No. night old strange hum ... ... Environment near a dirty, floating in the air a smell of garlic and raw lamb mix, this House was ... ...
  • dottydotty
    That's good
  • NAMI waves
    Amazing location in Muslim Quarter with fantastic food all around. Has great service and amenities. For a dorm room, it was more than enough for what we paid.
  • d_red
    Environment in General, but eating is easy. the internal environment of the hotel is very good, clean! lots of foreign friends!
  • mabiao75
    lovely and friendly and helpful staff, and great location
  • Elainor
    Very good hotel, the following bars, billiards are nice.
  • leon373818
    ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ?. ? ?.
  • boogie
    Really General, stay 6 nights, linen quilts would not trade, paper towels or something living in there, not behind, get cleaned up to a trash can, downstairs is a small street, sleep sleep and sometimes it was noisy at night, from the Muslim snack Street is very close, eat quite convenient
  • Miranda64
    Photos no photos because love. with separate bathroom, store managers were also very good, can chat together. health is also good, but relatively remote location, but you can take a taxi, it's convenient. like. great praise
  • toly pocket
    It was best hostel ever. but direction its very hard to find. but very nice!
  • ccc_221
    Bathroom very clean
  • liubo_0220
    Bosses birthday, celebrate, well, Wu Yangyang is also very good.
  • terry2001
    Good overall feeling-for the first time live tours, very convenient-
  • e03263687
    Shops is quite good, very comfortable, also get half a day reading before you go recommended
  • gracelia
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • cyp092
  • gdtw_nana
    Bath only hot water, hot too much.
  • digican
    Really don't have to live inside the Muslim street dirty, which is filled with electric cars don't have to set the alarm in the morning eat locals say not to eat well done are old now, has not made
  • luluxue778899
    The environment is clean, comfortable stay. is near from the Muslim Street, shopping convenience. warm and thoughtful service. will come here to refer a friend.
  • bnf56
    HA HA HA thriving trance HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  • Bavon
    Tours for the first time, much better than I expected, 32-Zambia
  • drever
    Sanitation by half, probably the hostel too much, feel the atmosphere is not so good, the bus was convenient, inside the snack Street, cargo may be the first to consider this place
  • e01089711
    Compliment the click
  • liabc1964
  • JD week
    In my youth, have the best of health. but my roommate's sister check out, don't know aunt forgot to clean up or is she flushes the toilet forgot until I came back in the evening!
  • lwei99891
    Special comfort small literary environment! really like.
  • claire1214
    From the Muslim Street near, sanitation is very good, the boss was very helpful, the store's two? so cute
  • Yi Xiao Qian A A
    A year to XI ' an, Threesome, pretty good Inn
  • datouws
    Your bed shake, lay sleeping well. good location, out of Muslim snack Street
  • LynnLee1999
    Good hotel, Super near from Moslem Street. staff should be improved, no matter what question, is not known, and less like a hostel that used to live, the atmosphere is too cold.
  • wtt12345
    Sanitation above nothing can picky of, but location seems to not is good, not convenient, regardless of is taxi also is bus are not into, alley, daily to go many road, say service, must has, I ahead of scheduled, playing has three times phone confirmed then staying also is to I whole wrong has, and live has day also let I room? please, I long-distance white playing has did?!?!
  • clairefill
    Clean and tidy
  • alanai
    Environment is great, is convenient to eat around, the traffic is convenient, fresh art fan on the first floor, the waiter Super warm, stay four nights, will definitely recommend friends to.
  • eryueniao
    Xian has spent the last six days, the store for 2 days, all are super nice, and the price is very cheap, and had the opportunity to go to Xian and then to live in it.
  • e01153657
    Great Location. Great Staff. Pool table and Movies were great for the cold nights. Online downside was being 5 floors up with no elevator but i need the exercise anyway. Would easily recommend.
  • Alvin.wu
    Hotel is located in the core area of Muslim snack Street, to learn from their experience in static. is very patient at the front desk, lobby dancing ... always very good value for money, recommended!
  • demingl
    Clean rooms, very good, the key is the decoration of the Inn with feeling, and friends experience, the key is right next to the Bell Tower and drum tower, Muslim Street, convenient-
  • muyaomuyao
    First times to hotel for evaluation, because this staying is is let people impression deep, we is two a girls set of standard between. If to playing five points words, I to two points, a points to front desk, because service also is can of, has problem are will help you solution, a points to environment, night has movie see, a floor has cafes what of, also has table ball. then I to began told let people not happy of things has, first times to Xian play, first times live this hotel, I not know clean words to and front deskAhead of said, so I both first days staying Hou, second days directly out play has, back only found room no clean, wants to wants to also late has on not trouble people clean has, on to front desk led two article new of towel, just we down led towel of when that clean Boyle also in, on asked we which room of, said himself clearly clean had, towel also for has, blababla of, front desk also somewhat hesitated, stared blankly in there, we also regardless of has, took has towel thanks has Xia front desk onBack has. second days out specially front Taiwan playing has greeted requirements clean room, after all two days has, girls everyone know of, things made compared mess, main eat of more, garbage more has, we out of when also deliberately put himself of things received good put in box Shang, garbage what can put into garbage barrels of are put in has. then night, back has. hehe da, not carefully see completely see not out finishing had, because on put garbage bags took has, quilt also didn't stack, other didn't put intoTo of garbage also no received go. more let people angry of is! towel also is no for had! and! hotel not provides wash supplies, we with of himself of toothbrush, head towards Shang put in wash stage, but! was head towards decentralization in has basin behind a is dirty of sewing in! however other things are no moving had! only toothbrush! at I and I of small partners really of fast fried has, although price cheap also not such's! this Green Brigade probably 90% are is foreigners, I not know heHow do they deal with foreigners ... I just explained about their hotel experience, also played an objective assessment. want to visit XI ' an, friends to choose carefully. Oh, room not even WiFi, tours as a whole because of its geographical location, WiFi is slower than 2G. Basic connect error.
  • liufen17018
    Fortunately, small barbecue restaurant opposite the hotel very good
  • aying2000
    Which is very nice
  • da_gou_xiong
    First times live Green Brigade, front desk girls reception is General. boys laugh up is looks, staying five floor, no elevator. then a people mention with greatly of luggage box, suddenly memories up Shang University staying Hostel of scene. rather moved. staying pillow Shang actually has many hair, bath, taps a will hot a will cold water, initiation disappointed. snow has, I asked front desk of people, have recommended of place, answered was stunned, let I to Starbucks. night back is late, most impression deepIs that the light is warm, there is a boy, very gentle, smiling. first youth named; qincheng alleys. far from disappointed, but it cannot be a surprise.
  • xiaotaiyang1
    Nice, the store's cats--are all over the house cats in the world, but very lovely room very large and each has a hairdryer, near the Muslim snack Street-very convenient
  • m00051164
    Well, people here are very good. it is worth noting are to bring their own toothbrush, washcloth or something, own good anyway, you'd better cough or clean
  • lawmei
    Located in the street, small bar settings are OK, room clean, OK. Street and old lane, so close, Oh Hui Xiang, eating and drinking, traffic is very convenient.
  • Jetey
    Very good Muslim snack Street bustle is a little far from the tube
  • lilytsui123
    Cosy little building, Hui people on the edge of the street, a little quiet in the meaning of
  • maggieunistar
    Also good! compared clean, room is big is open, big to 2 a people talk are has echo. we just main is night only back hostels live of. for other what of also really no what views. just not know is bathroom ventilation open can't also is no does? wash finished bath whole bathroom steam that called badly of. also has is bed that 2 a socket not power Ah. charging to put table there. each a rushed full electric phone a ring and climbed up pulled (that called depressed does). also hasNoise really of not too good. as clean well. actually I compared agreed stores that didn't called on not to clean of that. because I not too habits live hotel what, daily are was to clean of that people. downstairs stores has a small café, was has been are wants to said has time on down sat sat, see movie (boss loaded has a projection of, is praise of) but basically from staying began daily are evening of. only last day because is night of aircraft, shopping has a morning onBack to the hotel sat there for over an hour and half movie. overall, I like the. If given the opportunity again. I will choose to stay in this.
  • li2883212
    It's OK
  • a06040012
    More and more difficult to find, but from the Muslim street is really close is also very convenient, so overall still very convenient, 10.01-10.02 of two nights? facilities could be added such as a sofa?
  • liuxiang666
    From inside the location bar da learning interior decoration of his surroundings are not very good but good clean to the Muslim street very convenient