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Xian Alley Youth Hostel Xi'an is located in the tower, with hui street, bustling, but avoid the busy and noisy in big cities, but possesses a quiet with flavor, slower pace of life here allows you to slow down and experience another life, forget trouble; Surrounding with 14 mosque, spare time listen to masters the feeling of life will also benefit, elegant environment, complete facilities. Hostel near the bell tower, drum tower, hui street, city wall.;---[View Detail]             

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    The tours really good, geographical environment is great, walking a few steps is the Muslim snack Street, away on public transport is also very convenient ... next time you come to live.
  • alanai
    Environment is great, is convenient to eat around, the traffic is convenient, fresh art fan on the first floor, the waiter Super warm, stay four nights, will definitely recommend friends to.
  • gracelia
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • fairy0806
    Very warm, very comfortable, highly recommended
  • alex76
    Beds a bit hard toilet room really has style for a table in the lobby of the first floor small clear ball movies nice
  • e00045571
    Just clean up my room we went, presumably to MOP did not clean well the unpleasant smell, but the service is good
  • jia286
    Four night Deluxe set in August, national day travel, but the boss or the room to someone else, we have living room. calculates is standard price, as compensation gave us breakfast on both days. hope customers will be and what the room had better leave any room. Room was clean and tidy, during the national day holiday price is very cheap, very high cost performance, is the hot water is not well adjusted. address inside the Muslim snack Street, but also glad that I was in it is not in the main street, orNational during barbecue of fume and pedestrian of noisy is don't wants to sleep has. advise everyone holiday to Huis Street are go Hou Street Bridge Zi mouth side came in, is near, main street has was pedestrian blocking died has. boss and employees people are is good, no other tricky guest said of as attitude bad bad along. also is worth recommended!PS: Inn opposite of small meat series delicious yo!
  • e00078179
    Cheap and good. Big lobby. Movies and sofas. But wifi is slow. However - that is typical for hostels.
  • LynnLee1999
    Good hotel, Super near from Moslem Street. staff should be improved, no matter what question, is not known, and less like a hostel that used to live, the atmosphere is too cold.
  • leon373818
    ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ?. ? ?.
  • abbyge
    Really good service, clean, foreigner
  • bnf56
    HA HA HA thriving trance HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  • d02326148
    Good good good good good good good good good
  • anstiase
    Live of environment also good's, is four room. we is two a people, also has two is Sichuan people, is good of. has wireless, has air conditioning. also can bath. bed also is comfortable, out several step is Huis Street, special near. is to of when is Dragon Boat Festival, I only set has a bed, boss on somewhat pit has price special high Ah, this on is not happy, other OK
  • brian-david
    To had many place, first times met service and the service attitude so bad of youth hostel, let we this trip Xian of Brigade is not happy. most let people displeasure of is female waiter salsa, Jade and male shop long on foreign live guest is enthusiasm, can be described as is responsive, on all people is is cold face relative, encountered problem indifferent, fundamental alone service. can you're welcome of said is worship of model. The overall situation; 1, is located near the Muslim snack Street, crowded,Poor road conditions ... not suitable for elderly people and luggage, children's families. free car parking place. 2, accommodation is divided into five levels, stairs and sliding, no elevator, not suitable for heavy weight friends. 3, bathroom amenities and floor drain must be hand scored, or bath water. five-layer, high water pressure cause the flow is extremely small, bathing difficulties. faucet metal rust. 4, a wireless network connection in addition to the ground floor but cannot be used. 5, very poor service, without service. ChongOcean countries, attitudes towards foreigners very well. Chinese cold shoulder, low efficiency, the work process in disarray. 6, general health condition, replaceable by new quilt has stain on Earth. aunt evening arrival is not complicated cleaning. Our 'Xian qincheng Alley Youth Hostel' nightmare tour on July 25, after the noon we arrived at the temple at 11:30 Street and West Street Wharf near the intersection of qincheng Alley Youth Hostel (thisStreet is a mess, driving a motor vehicle is dangerous, from the Muslim street into a crowded into at least a 15-minute walk, the road is not very good, it is recommended that ride bumper cars with luggage). After some waiting (staff efficiency is very low, also forgot to guests with the room card in front......) Was told not to 12 points, we four girls quadruple booked two guests did not leave until two o'clock in the afternoon before they can move, and we deposited our luggage out (their ownPut luggage in the premise, without any pickup voucher). Was received by the absence of sense of a hotel phone, gruff asked when are we going to stay, or cancel the eligibility, we mention have to complete once luggage has been saved ... ... 7:40 we return to qincheng Alley Youth Hostel, after waiting to begin again we check (male store managers received diaofang foreign tourists during the phone and immediately inserted danbang ...). Check-in only to be told that hesitationTenant also not check out, we 4 people only points two a room staying! as according to we first times into shop of time by 12:00-7:40, has nearly 8 hours, is obviously staff also not for had any coordination work. waiter Salsa put responsibility are push to has not check out live guest, and in not call this live guest of situation Xia unauthorized now system Shang to its for has diaofang, let we waiting for live guest back hotel. I've asked have a telephone to communicate with guests, she phoned thePhone communication, this live guest in phone in and salsa said today call three times requirements continued room, salsa reply phone not she received of all she regardless of. Shi had 8 points (we also not dinner, in lobby bitter,) we tries to and on sat in Hotel Hall of shop long negotiations, results shop long also is since Gu of with with notebook computer a face abandon of expression fundamental not ignored we. I asked its room of calculation way, we scheduled of is day of accommodation, by this efficiency view fundamental insufficient a days, Turned his eyes long sniffed at the store said the provision was staying at 12:00 until the next day! (Not that we do not want to stay!) 8:20 was one of the guests, friends shifted part of our luggage to a new room, because she had been in the building, hotels lack of doesn't help coordination is the guests own telephone coordinating friends to help deal with ... Manager not calm as the receptionist is so staggering. guests of the phone or at the request of I have to make. Due to the quadruple rooms in two of the original tenants stored in the closet, keys and Fang Kata (or was it a boy, good girls quadruple is going) out, so this is not counting the over, we only temporarily can go upstairs. Problem comes again, we propose a simple and clean up the room of requirements has become a problem. (Quadruple quilt kind of change, are sweeping, wastepaper basket easy cleaning) staff jade and Sasha call theSeveral cleaning Aunty chatting in the dining room make this Pack. aunt very happy, said one; my work! result into a few waiters everything stand, store manager remains interested in playing on the computer. In desperation I just shouted at them, a trip no one can call the shots? Manager aunt can do about cleaning up? under the repeated requests, store manager was unhappy command two face to go upstairs and clean up at the front desk, and told to wait for half an hour. Nearly9:00 we finally staying has, ranging room of live guest has prepared out dinner. then that boy hurried back to has, obviously also didn't play good. he call to front desk let front desk put new room door and the Cabinet key with Shang has, and, has ten minutes front desk also no up, call past front desk said Shang not to has, what called Shang not to...... Was too lazy to climb the stairs to the floor. At the same time we went downstairs to help him notify the front desk girl was informed at the front desk of the send key, phone is notShe received her send key! there are many foreign guests in the Hall, under a sentence immediately went upstairs and sent the keys at the front desk. want to check in at this property must remember this word, perfectly valid; ' If you want me to say in English and you can too! 'rooms at Saga finally over, this evening we have dinner at nearby Pack, 1 bed, didn't want to see night plans fell through. Two friends returned to Beijing the next day, and the restWe both had standard rooms, unfortunately things happen, this six-storey building has no elevator, stair material is slippery material, went downstairs to check out, a friend accidentally which carry the box fell, a large bruise on his leg. The 'Green Brigade' it was nightmare for us ... ... Beijing is said to be the boss man, we have a stranger in being villagers feel. negotiations he is close by several times, but no, this business really lose face for Beijing! if youThey don't welcome the Chinese guests, hate Chinese people. it need not hang on the Chinese website.
  • lemoncat
    Service is good, the downstairs bar is also very literary clean, and from Muslim street is close to the clock tower, also be naozhongqujing! worth backpackers and young people choose Oh!
  • luv_luv
    From Muslim Street, six buildings are too noisy, air conditioning not heating
  • Yi Xiao Qian A A
    A year to XI ' an, Threesome, pretty good Inn
  • e01832456
    The environment is good, Muslim Street, good very much, from the drum tower and Bell Tower and the ancient city walls and Simon were particularly close, perfect spot for tourism.
  • liufen17018
    Fortunately, small barbecue restaurant opposite the hotel very good
  • terry2001
    Good overall feeling-for the first time live tours, very convenient-
  • e02227388
    This hotel really can't say much, facilities are not all even mouthwash, combs No. night old strange hum ... ... Environment near a dirty, floating in the air a smell of garlic and raw lamb mix, this House was ... ...
  • boogie
    Really General, stay 6 nights, linen quilts would not trade, paper towels or something living in there, not behind, get cleaned up to a trash can, downstairs is a small street, sleep sleep and sometimes it was noisy at night, from the Muslim snack Street is very close, eat quite convenient
  • freeman2006
    Tours for the first time, like the shop pattern, volunteer is very amiable, leaving only seen the boss face, that so many live in qincheng alley girl obsessed with what the oboe in the end look like?
  • icery88
    From no live had so poor of hostels, OK only set has day. sheets quilt cover to himself to sets, room in of Cabinet also to make deposit, key is also no reminded to make, led to we from five floor climbed climbed Xia exhausted has, also has health not timely clean, bathroom even also has many small black insect, is drunk has, front desk attitude on like many people said of as lukewarm, really not know such of service attitude how also do services, later on decisive for has Home Hotel. garbage
  • leafjcx
    Very good prices slightly higher
  • forest
    That's good
  • fumeng81
    Are also good
  • adminstrator
    All right
  • e01053100
    Nice, and accommodation in the Hui people in Street, you know
  • Elainor
    Very good hotel, the following bars, billiards are nice.
  • wrgs123
    Feeling pretty good after the Muslim snack Street didn't find a place for the first time will find the
  • Lemeson
    Only stayed one night, so there's no special feeling, but Inn Hall public looks great
  • Bavon
    Tours for the first time, much better than I expected, 32-Zambia
  • E00149374
    Location; in Huis Street regional, make in the take static, out on has eat of, to Shang go is Huis Street most lively of four article Street; set of is bed room, 501 late, independent bathroom! most satisfaction of is independent bathroom's, daily are has aunt to clean health, for garbage bags, is clean, only insufficient is nozzle cannot hanging in wall Shang; front desk of sister paper and small brother people also is good Oh, downstairs daily night big screen are has movie put, back can finished movie again to sleep. really of is recommended.
  • fairyism33
    Room was good, service was good! the traffic is convenient! next time there is a chance, before choosing them!
  • ljnww
    A clean and tidy place
  • easyjim
    Very good location
  • lm0608
    All right
  • led256
    With private bathroom, it loves. location is behind the Muslim snack Street, good. the comfortable environment inside, waitress sister is also very good, the Hall can read, watch movies, play table tennis, next time you will choose, is that there is no elevator
  • wtt12345
    Sanitation above nothing can picky of, but location seems to not is good, not convenient, regardless of is taxi also is bus are not into, alley, daily to go many road, say service, must has, I ahead of scheduled, playing has three times phone confirmed then staying also is to I whole wrong has, and live has day also let I room? please, I long-distance white playing has did?!?!
  • combine
    Yes, mm at the front desk were very friendly-there is a pool table can be fun.
  • gugu7995
    Nice tours
  • louise8178
    Huis Street looks bustling faction Saskatchewan, but really nothing attract people of place. said said Green Brigade itself, no features can statements. many can slightly cost on can let experience has obviously upgrade. that pillow quilt quality miserable, wholesale points quality good points of bedding cost high can't how many. housing in didn't heating, air conditioning is not Emmanuel. bathroom shower water has problem, a bursts for not up, have shut a will only line. MOP not find, wash finished bath bathroom full is water. boss wants to doCyts is much better to think customers feel, also may not be in Xian this competition feel do make do on the line (Chinoiserie). also offers cheap hostels, but than had previously been the cyts obviously improved greatly.
  • ericmitsue
    Great tours
  • gdtw_nana
    Bath only hot water, hot too much.
  • laurter
    Clean and the staff was very friendly, the most important thing is to have two cute cats
  • e03184122
    I was very happy to stay at the Xian Alley Youth Hostel. The room was spacious and quite clean, with very good facilities for the price, including a kettle, electric blankets, a heater/air conditioner, a TV, and reasonably good wifi. The room also had a large ensuite bathroom, which I wasnt expecting. There were tour bookings and hostel social activities available at the reception. I didnt make use of these, but the staff were generally efficient and friendly. The main benefit of this hostel is its amazing location, in the heart of the muslim quarter with fantastic food and a great local atmosphere. The hostel is within walking distance of the city centre attractions: bell and drum towers, muslim street, the city wall, and the bell tower metro station. However, if staying out very late, bear in mind that the hostel is in a back street without bright street lighting. I would definitely recommend this hostel for a stay in xian.
  • fangweiwilson
    its nice. but hv no lift so i was 5floor so i had to go up there. except that every thing is fine. there are many good place to go and enjoy like huiminjie
  • e00437546
    Great! hostel is a new, Hui, and eat easily is less than a ten minute walk from the station, good helpful staff, and recommended, and two super clingy little Meow good loving home-